I'm usually not the most color-y person. But this. This is something else.

Victoria Beckham, AW11. Pics from dazeddigital and victoriabeckham.com
Let's hear it for Posh Beckham, please. The woman knows how to design dresses. Just be a bit nicer to her.
Hand woven scarf from Ethiopia, lemlem
Soooo pretty... Can't decide if I want it more in orange or pink...
Diane Von Furstenberg, SS11
(Ridiculously overrated) Karlie Kloss in Gucci, Australian Harper's Bazaar

Oh my mother!

I made P take a picture of my ass the other day. This doesn't happen on a regular basis, and I don't usually show it off on the big world wide web when it does, but these jeans are so awesome that I'll do it anyway. Got them in the mail this weekend, have worn them ever since. Motherf***ing love them.

In my pill box

Yes... I do have a pill box. For emergencies. Usually for other peoples emergencies.
Spiritual or earthly, I can help with a pain killer or why not a word of wisdom? Just ask. I won't give you my safety pin though, cause that might come in handy for fashion emergencies (as we all know, the worst kind of emergencies).


City nights, city lights

Bikram yoga

When we moved here, I was thrilled to find that there was a Bikram yoga studio just two minutes walking from our humble house (later I found out that there's always a yoga studio two minutes away if you're in LA). Nevertheless, I still haven't gotten my lazy ass over there to sign up for classes. Now I don't think I have an excuse anymore, since I just found this offer where you get one month of unlimited classes for 40 dollars. So now I can sweat all my worries away in a 40 degree (carpeted, not too crazy about that, WHY?) room. I aaalmost finished the 30-day challenge before our wedding, so maybe this time I'll make it... For real.

Fun fact: The boy on the left in this pic, stretching around with Bikram Choudhury himself,  is none other than Jason Bateman! Check this out.


Don't tell the monkeys!

It's HOT!

-Mulholland Drive? -That's where I was going!

We were going to this party... I didn't bring any id... they didn't let me in. Dinner on Melrose avenue, sneaking around on Mulholland Drive. Scared of wild animals in the bushes. Stuck in traffic at midnight and tired feet. That would be a pretty accurate summary of the night. All this in five hours.

(It's time to wake up....!)


Beach Open

Some pics from Manhattan Beach Open which started today...

(My favourite player)
(My favourite volunteer)
(My favourite tongue)
...which ended with something refreshing at the strand house. As it should. Later, sushi.