Kelims, stone walls and candles

I spent a big part of my teens rolling my eyes at my parents discussions about kelims, my mothers constant lighting of candles and the way my dad could spend a whole day deciding where to put up a picture. Then the same thing happened to me. And now, the biggest goal in my life is to find a little stone house in the Spanish countryside, a lemon tree and a huge bougainvillea outside. Stone walls, stone floors. A fireplace, reindeer horns, moroccan lamps, a huge old kitchentable where we'll have friends over all the time for neverending dinners, a bathtub, a garden lit with farolitas and strings of bare lightbulbs for warm evenings filled with laughter, sheepskin, my vintage birdcage, and blankets, pillows and candles all over the place. And kelims. Maybe even a couple of eye-rolling teenagers. One day.


Melania said...

Hi, how are you???
these pics are so beautiful.
you described a fantastic home,
I love the stone floors,the stone walls,a huge old kitchen table and the lemon tree that it reminds me the smell of my country.

Buona giornata!!!

Silje said...

Hi Mel, welcome back:) I know, I need to have a lemon tree within reach... or maybe a naranjo. Just the smell makes it worth it.
Have a great day!

Lisa said...

These pictures are just lovely. Please can you name the sources?