Back to basics

I went to buy stuff I always think I already have. You know what I mean. Items that are so "you" that you just assume you have them, thus, you never actually buy them. Does that make sense to anyone else than me? Oh well. Or maybe it's stuff I have a hundred of already but can't stop looking for.... Ahhhh who knows.

Tank tops from American Apparel in grey and cranberry. And a long sleeved tee for chilly morning walks on the beach, or for looking decent when laying on the sofa watching shitty tv (like "Revenge". It's on here every Wednesday, sooo hooked. Typical guilty pleasure. Check it out!).

P-e-r-f-e-c-t tees from Michael Stars. I LOVE these. Not too thin, not too thick, not too long, not too short. Not too boob-y. Not too tight. Not too wide. You get it.


Camilla said...

Looks like a lot of great stuff:-)

SiljeOhlaLA said...

<3 basics!!!!