Flourless, sugarless, milkless chocolate cake!

Doesn't sound thaaat great, does it? But it is, I promise. For this one I cheated a bit and used dark chocolate (85%) in the frosting, but that doesn't count... And it looks so good. Just look at it!

So, here's what you need:
1 glass of black beans (yes, beans. That's the secret. Won't make it taste like beans though, I swear)
5 large eggs
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
6 tablespoons Virgin Coconut Oil
1 small teaspoon of stevia OR 1-2 tablespoons of palm sugar (not a big fan of stevia, so I use palm sugar)
1 deciliter agave
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 tbspoons cocoa
3 tbspoons carob
1 carrot
Unsweetened coconut
Dark chocolate (min.70%)
Coconut oil
Coconut milk

Mix all of the ingredients above in a bowl; Start with the beans (rinse them first!), add the 3 eggs, stevia/palm sugar and salt. Whisk in the cocoa and the carob powder. No lumps!
In another bowl, mix the coconut oil with agave and add the rest of the eggs.
Pour the "beanmix" into this mix, and whip it all together. It should look pretty much like this:

Then add a shredded carrot and as much coconut as you feel like! The coconut is not mandatory; skip it or just replace it with something else you like (nuts, seeds, dried fruit...). The carrot is though. It adds a lot of moist to the cake. Now, all you have to do is pour the mix into a cake pan lined with parchment paper. Bake it on 160 degrees/320 fahrenheit for around 40-45 minutes (I usually check it with a chopstick; if it doesn't stick to it, it's done!).

Now, the frosting. I melted two chocolates in a bowl over boiling water, so that it melts slowly. Then I added some coconut oil; around half the amount of chocolate. And a little squirt of agave. I didn't really measure, so I couldn't tell you the exact amounts... just try it, and when you think it's sweet enough, let it cool down a bit and put it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes. DO NOT LEAVE IT THERE FOR TOO LONG, like I did, because then you have to do the whole melting thing again, as the chocolate will stiffen too much. You just want it to be thick-ish, not frozen. Then you add some coconut cream (that's the thick part of the coconut milk that you usually find at the top of a can when you open it), and mix it until you have something that can be used as frosting. You can split the cake and put some frosting there if you want to, or just spread it on top. Put the whole party in the fridge for a little bit, decorate with whatever you have laying around, and there you have it! A yummy chocolate cake without too much guilt, just pleasure.
Enjoy! Let me know if you make it:)

Happy feet

I realised, while almost fainting in yoga, that my feet looked like shit. So I walked across the street and got a pedicure. I hate it when people touch my feet, so I usually just do this at home, and I was struggling there for a bit, but now I'm really happy with my newly painted toes! Pedicures are so cheap here it's ridiculous, and you also get a quick foot massage which is heavenly. Happy weekend everyone! *wiggling my toes*



Put on my baseball shirt to go shopping. At the super, I get asked approximately five times if I'm finding everything all right. I smile and say, Yes, thank you. People pass me with their trolleys, Excuse me, oh sorry, thank you, no problem! At the checkout, the bag guy (yes, we have people bagging our groceries here, I was thrilled to find out!) screams that he loves my pants, we chat about cars, he asks me if I found everything all right. I smile. The cashier interrupts; Did you find everything all right, miss? Yes, thank you! I nod and smile. The bag guy asks if I need any help out today, I smile and say No thanks, I'm good! He smiles and says, great! Have a great day! I smile and say, you too! The cashier says Thank you for shopping with us, enjoy your evening! I smile and say Thanks, enjoy yours too! Do you want me to take the trolley for you miss? Says the bag guy, I smile and say Thank you! We all wave and smile at eachother. I walk home with my brown paper bag with no handles.

Now I'm making chocolate cake! Woooo! I smile and say bye.
Ps I'll give you the recipe later, it's a bloody good chocolate cake. Thank you!

Crowded morning walk

Get out of my waaaaay!



The weather report says: Sunny! 25 degrees! A quick look outside says: Almost raining! I doubt it's even 20 degrees! I was about to go for a bike ride, I was actually out the door and all. Then I just decided against it. I decided to pretend it's autumn for real (not California autumn, doesn't exist). Candles and tea. And it's not even dark outside. Just extremely grey. But I'm a real Scandi at heart, candles can be lit in every situation, (including 35 degree heat, as some of you have experienced).

And every blog has a picture of a tea cup at some point, right? This is my contribution!

Pretending to have a balcony

It looks so sad in this first pic... just the view of our hood I guess. But I spent 5 hours painting the staircase , and now I'm considering buying a chair so I can sit out there and be the crazy girl of our street, maybe even joining the neighbor for some loud singing every now and again. How about it?


Crystal clear

As you can see, it's been a beautiful day...

Pizza snack

They do actually taste a bit like pizza... hmmmm. If you like dry, tiny pizzas with seeds. No really. They're good!


Nostalgia Monday

I'm having one of those days where I just wish I was somewhere else. What, you're in California, it must be awesome!! you might say, but this usually happens to me once in a while no matter where I am, I guess it's the downside of moving around all the time. Homesickness is my specialty, and now, since I feel like I have two homes (Norway&Spain), I'm twice as homesick. Maybe not, but it sounded good.
Also, one of my best friends had a baby, and I wish I could be there with them (lots of hugs to you)!
Things I miss, in no particular order...

Marilyn's last summer

Marilyn Monroe shot by George Barris, Santa Monica Beach, July 1962.
Love them.



“All it comes down to is this: We feel like shit but look great.”
"Listen, you'll have to excuse me. I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons in 20 minutes. "
“Greed is good. Sex is easy. Youth is forever.”
“And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable... I simply am not there.”
"Not quite blonde, are we? More of a dirty blonde."
"This is not an exit"


In the middle of the industrial area downtown, this gem of a restaurant is, maybe not hiding, but not exactly shouting out its presence, with fab french wines, rabbit, boullabaisse, moules marinieres, roast lamb, braised veal and other goodies on the menu. I always think ambience is more important than the food though, and here you get both. I'm a sucker for bare lightbulbs, I have to admit. Think it started in Tivoli in Copenhagen somewhere around 1989. I'll love any restaurant that has a stub of rope light hanging from the ceiling. So this place just couldn't be wrong.

Mouth-wateringly good steak tartare. With homemade aioli and pickles. I even had some french fries, woooo!
This is the petite assiette of boullabaisse. I think asking the question "how bloody big is the big assiette?" is not out of place here. We left very full and happy (in both the Norwegian and English meaning of the word. The wine was gooood).