In the middle of the industrial area downtown, this gem of a restaurant is, maybe not hiding, but not exactly shouting out its presence, with fab french wines, rabbit, boullabaisse, moules marinieres, roast lamb, braised veal and other goodies on the menu. I always think ambience is more important than the food though, and here you get both. I'm a sucker for bare lightbulbs, I have to admit. Think it started in Tivoli in Copenhagen somewhere around 1989. I'll love any restaurant that has a stub of rope light hanging from the ceiling. So this place just couldn't be wrong.

Mouth-wateringly good steak tartare. With homemade aioli and pickles. I even had some french fries, woooo!
This is the petite assiette of boullabaisse. I think asking the question "how bloody big is the big assiette?" is not out of place here. We left very full and happy (in both the Norwegian and English meaning of the word. The wine was gooood).

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