Fogged up

This is what Hermosa feels like with this bloody fog:

And the fog horn (?) is driving me mental, it goes off every 30 seconds and sounds like a phone nobody ever picks up. Yeah, yeah, yeah I love living by the beach. Sorry for complaining. Sorry.
*japanese style bow*


Mexico, baby!

Tickets booked for Christmas!

All the delicious food, oh my. Mole, Oaxaca cheese, enchiladas... my mouth is watering. Not to talk about the freshisimo fish in the coastal towns. Tacos on the street. The oyster guy in Puerto Escondido, if he's still around. Oh, and the best breakfast around; scrambled eggs and frijoles.

Mezcal! Tequila's hard core big brother. The worm is optional, the best ones come without.

Hamacas. Nothing beats hammocks. You can have dinner in them, watch the sunset in them and sleep in them. Anything goes.

There is no better place on earth to have dinner. I mean seriously. Just look at this place. They could serve old sushi and I'd still be happy. Only they don't. They serve amazing pizzas and fresh seafood. Heaven.

All you need is actually a little hut and a hamaca.

And the waves are approximately ten times bigger on the Zicatela beach than in Hermosa.

And the beaches. Are. Perfect.

Need I say more?

Another breathtaking sunset

Spent the whole day at the beach, and I mean the whole day; from a little after ten until the sun set. Listening to Ricky Gervais podcasts (HOW funny is Karl Pilkington? I need to watch An idiot abroad) and reading some Hemingway! Couldn't be better. And we get beautiful sunsets when there are some clouds, so I just couldn't leave until the show was over; although I was freezing my ass of for the last hour, even with pants, a cardigan and a huge scarf wrapped around me. Need a warm shower!


Always somewhere else

I'm sitting here reading about Zipolite in Mexico, wishing I was there, on the beach watching the sunset. I lift my head and see this:

Talk about not being present.

A walk in the park

First of all; the sun is out! Hadn't seen it for ten days! That whole sunny California thing is a myth, especially here by the beach. Misty, misty.

And, as I usually always walk on or by the beach, I figured I should try to be adventurous and see what it's like up there on land, so to speak. There's a pretty neat "park", or more like a little strip of green and trees going all the way to Manhattan Beach. And you don't have to elbow your way like some days on the boardwalk.


Aaaand I went to the library. How old fashioned of me. I secretly love it there in the middle of the day though, among all the old people and other low-lifes without jobs, just like me. Just kidding about the low life part. Anyone read any of these? Figured I had to re-read Less than zero since we're in LA. And I still haven't read Imperial Bedrooms... Oh, and the Mexico or Costa Rica for christmas-plan might be in danger because of my silly little passport. But just in case.


Chili con carne!

And a freaking good one I have to say, thanks to Jamie Oliver. Check out the recipe here if you want to try. Heh, I just realised that a lot of my food pics look the same. Some gooey stew with a piece of lemon or lime. I like mushy food, ok!

Other than that, my passport fell apart today and I might have to go to San Fransisco to get a new one. Don't know if I should cry or be very joyful about that. I also chose a Halloween costume. It includes feathered eyelashes. Eventful day!

Autumn food

Guess what I'm making!


A spider bit my boob

...at least that's what my doctor thinks. Pretty cool, huh?

The pictures have nothing to do with that. Just wanted to show off my new scarf.


In love...

With this song, by Danish Agnes Obel.
Perfect for a foggy Saturday evening! Puss puss.



Look what I found in Whole Foods!

This is a Norwegian deilicacy, called brown cheese. Made of goatmilk. Very good, but extremely sweet and with obscene amounts of sugar. If that doesn't bother you, do try! I wonder if Ski queen (who the hell came up with that name?) tastes different than the original G35 or whatever it's called. One stupid little detail: the website directs you to Tines web, which is all in Norwegian. What's the point of that, I wonder.


Kelims, stone walls and candles

I spent a big part of my teens rolling my eyes at my parents discussions about kelims, my mothers constant lighting of candles and the way my dad could spend a whole day deciding where to put up a picture. Then the same thing happened to me. And now, the biggest goal in my life is to find a little stone house in the Spanish countryside, a lemon tree and a huge bougainvillea outside. Stone walls, stone floors. A fireplace, reindeer horns, moroccan lamps, a huge old kitchentable where we'll have friends over all the time for neverending dinners, a bathtub, a garden lit with farolitas and strings of bare lightbulbs for warm evenings filled with laughter, sheepskin, my vintage birdcage, and blankets, pillows and candles all over the place. And kelims. Maybe even a couple of eye-rolling teenagers. One day.