Mexico, baby!

Tickets booked for Christmas!

All the delicious food, oh my. Mole, Oaxaca cheese, enchiladas... my mouth is watering. Not to talk about the freshisimo fish in the coastal towns. Tacos on the street. The oyster guy in Puerto Escondido, if he's still around. Oh, and the best breakfast around; scrambled eggs and frijoles.

Mezcal! Tequila's hard core big brother. The worm is optional, the best ones come without.

Hamacas. Nothing beats hammocks. You can have dinner in them, watch the sunset in them and sleep in them. Anything goes.

There is no better place on earth to have dinner. I mean seriously. Just look at this place. They could serve old sushi and I'd still be happy. Only they don't. They serve amazing pizzas and fresh seafood. Heaven.

All you need is actually a little hut and a hamaca.

And the waves are approximately ten times bigger on the Zicatela beach than in Hermosa.

And the beaches. Are. Perfect.

Need I say more?


Melania said...

you are going to mexico for christmas, great!!!I love the mexico the food , the colours, the people of this country...
My grandfather has a bottle of mezcla and inside there is a big worm, it is horrible for me...

then the italian flag has the same colours of mexico flag the difference is the presence of the the national coat of arms charged in the center of the white stripe.

Buona giornata, Melania.

SiljeOhlaLA said...

Love it too! Try the mezcal, leave the worm is my tip;)