A walk in the park

First of all; the sun is out! Hadn't seen it for ten days! That whole sunny California thing is a myth, especially here by the beach. Misty, misty.

And, as I usually always walk on or by the beach, I figured I should try to be adventurous and see what it's like up there on land, so to speak. There's a pretty neat "park", or more like a little strip of green and trees going all the way to Manhattan Beach. And you don't have to elbow your way like some days on the boardwalk.


Aaaand I went to the library. How old fashioned of me. I secretly love it there in the middle of the day though, among all the old people and other low-lifes without jobs, just like me. Just kidding about the low life part. Anyone read any of these? Figured I had to re-read Less than zero since we're in LA. And I still haven't read Imperial Bedrooms... Oh, and the Mexico or Costa Rica for christmas-plan might be in danger because of my silly little passport. But just in case.

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