The reason I haven't been around for a while, is because I've been busy scrubbing, cleaning, washing, painting, shopping, measuring and decorating. When I do that, I usually stop eating or just replace my lunches and dinners with (organic) nacho chips and (low cal) beers, I don't really have any contact with the outside world, and I become generally unpleasant to be around. Which was also the case this time. But I got the results I wanted. More or less. It's a never-ending project...

Birdcage from Star's Antique, the chest was actually already in the house, as was the couch (not crazy about that).

Empty old frames from Star's Antique...
An old lamp-thingy from, yes, you guessed it, Star's Antique. The BEAUTIFUL vase that looks like a birds egg is made by my BEAUTIFUL mother. She has a whole new "collection" out in that very same color, I love it.
I've hidden an extremely hideous, non-working radiator behind that blind!
I'm picking up the turquoise bench tomorrow, couldn't resist buying it... It will be placed somewhere in the living room as well, will update pics when I have it. Also, more to come from the kitchen and bedroom! Do not miss!

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