La-la land Day 8 - Playing the tourist game

Funny thing about famous stuff, like this little sign right here, is that actually seeing it real life is not as exciting as you might think. The Hollywood sign is very well guarded and you can't get that close to it, but you can see it quite well from one of the streets below (Beachwood Drive), in the middle of a very residential area. We passed a whole group of asian tourists waiting for their turn to take a pic. Can't imagine what it's like living on that street...

Rodeo Drive. I'm guessing around two percent of the people coming here do some real shopping. I'd take Jose Ortega y Gasset any day. Or Claudio Coello. Or just Fuencarral.

Fabulous dress from Michael Kors.

Spotted a lot of muslim women with branded bags. Turns out that almost a quarter of the inhabitants in Beverly Hills are of Iranian descent.

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