Friday! Just came back from the farmers market here in hermosa, a bit smaller than the manhattan beach one, but still nice. Basically just wanted to get some flowers for the weekend. 
Lunch of the day: Afghan Bolani. These guys wouldn't stop feeding me! I just wanted to try a piece, and they kept handing me more... "This is with mint and pesto cheese. This is with spicy tomato. This is with butter squash. This is with pumpkin" At one point I tried saying I really couldn't eat anymore, and the guy just replied: "Yes, don't worry!". So I ate. And felt like I had to buy some bolanis (which are something between pita and pancakes, made with flour, soybean oil, salt and spices and some filling, like spinach).

When I got home, I noticed my flowers were wrapped in a Chinese (?) newspaper.

Oh, and for those of you trying to follow this blog, you should now get the updates since I've managed, all by myself, to update my feed!

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