It's been such a lovely day because it's been WARM. Like Madrid warm, think we passed 30 today. Dare not think of the heat in the city, here by the ocean it's always waaay cooler, and add the breeze to that (which usually annoys me, but today it was just perfect). Just came back from some late afternoon beach hang, which is the best. Less people, more chill, less burning sun, more sunset.

(This is "our" corner by the way. We live right to the left)


Anonymous said...

But in Italy it is very hot ,we passed 30 every day in this week!!!

SiljeOhlaLA said...

That's the way I like it! I love being able to wear a flimsy dress in the middle of the night...:) xo

polliani said...

I love these pics - wow! you live there??

SiljeOhlaLA said...

Thank you!! Yes, moved here a couple of months ago... it's beautiful!