Dug out these earrings today, last seen in my hair on my wedding day.

I love how they have the exact same color as my hair, and just go off and hide in there somewhere. They're also a fab match with this tunic that I rediscovered right before moving here

The ear stash is from my favourite store in Madrid, Malababa. I completely adore the story behind the brand, on how a young Spanish woman started out making bits and pieces for her friends, sold some cotton bags in shops here and there, and ended up, by luck and a lot of hard work, having her own stores in Madrid as well as distributing her cool bags, shoes and accesories to big parts of Europe and even New York. Spanish Harper's Bazaar published an interview with the very pregnant Ana Carrasco in their July/August number:

Don't think the article's on their web, but check out the site anyway; The Spanish edition is waaay better than the UK or US one!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the post you wrote about our brand. The earings look very good on you!

Malababa Team