My own deserted island

Imagine you're biking in the middle of the sand, sun high in the sky, warm wind in your hair. Your legs are a bit tired and you're looking for the perfect spot to take a rest...

Voila. The cliche, two-palmed, Robinson Crusoe little deserted island in the middle of the beach. Such a shame it's not Friday (sorry, couldn't help myself).

And a real American trailer park! Would you live in a trailer if you had the pacific as your front porch? I might actually consider it.

Since many of you seemed to enjoy my pouty, concentrated bike-look, I invite you to another pic. I'm just that generous.

Word of wisdom, mainly to myself because it seems like the rest of the world has been able to grasp this concept a long time ago: The sun is just as strong regardless of whether you are lying pancake-flat on a beach worshipping it, or just happen to be out biking in the middle of the day. Slap on some sunscreen!

When on a detox, this is what lunch looks like. Sprouts and green veggies! Kjempegodt!

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