best rose&best view

You'll find both at Leonesse winery in Temecula. They also spray water on you to keep you from fainting from the heat. Bit of a long drive to go down there just for the sake of all that, so we'll have to drink the rose (I know rose has an accent, but it's not wooorking on my computeeer for some reason) somewhere else. Actually, you know what, today I just want it to stay cloudy so I can lie on the couch and read my Val McDermid book. I can't believe I just said that. But it's true. Those of you up there in the semi- autumn, enjoy it. You never know when you might miss it (I'm guessing this is just a passing mental disorder on my side though, and I'll be longing for the sun again this afternoon. Let's hope so). Have a cup of tea under a blanket for me and look out at the rain with JOoooY.


angelieeee said...

great shots!
nothing like sharing wine with friends... ♥
xxxo from Argentina

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elizabeth s. said...

Great photos! Love your blog girl!!



SiljeOhlaLA said...

thank you sooooo much!