The Golden Suicides

I don't really know how, but I came to think of this article I read in Vanity Fair over three years ago (do read it, it's brilliant). The story is about a young and beautiful couple, Teresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. They met when "he was 23, she 28. They started talking and they never stopped. He thought she was lovely" as Nancy Jo Sales of VF so beautifully puts it. They live a life straight out of a Bret Easton Ellis novel, and one day Teresa decides to take her own life, followed by her lover a week after ("I am going to join the lovely Theresa"). It just got to me somehow.

From Vanity Fair, by Bret Haller

Now. Bret Easton Ellis has actually written a script called "The golden suicides" which, as he says himself in an interview with Vice last year, does not have "a “Bret Easton Ellis” take on it, like it’s a satire or stand-up, (...) It’s a very heartfelt love story". Gus Van Sant is supposedly involved, everything else just seems to be loose rumors (Angelina Jolie has been mention, please NO) and I have no idea if this movie will actually be made, or if it already has been for that matter. But God would I go see it.

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