Let's go surfin' now!

Wherever you go in Hermosa, something is always there to remind you that you live in SoCal. Scarily fit people having their morning run on the strand. Moms with strollers powerwalking away the last traces of anything resembling fat. The cool kids with their beachcruisers and bare feet. The mexican families bringing their whole kitchens (including the furniture) to the beach on the weekends. Aaaaand, ofcourse, the sunsets. Beautiful! But what would it be without the surfers? I'll let you think about that for a second.


Amber said...

I'm so jealous! This looks so SOOO fun. I've always wanted to learn how to surf... since I was like, 12 or 13! And I've still never even been on a board!

angelieeee said...

yayy ! surfing is life. Aloha spirit! mahalo for sharing. have fun! aloha! ♥
xxxo from Argentina

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SiljeOhlaLA said...

I'll probably never get on a board... but I love the lifestyle,hehe