Food Matters

Just watched "Food matters" after finding the link on Raw Clarity. It's basically a documentary about food and vitamins as medicine and the body's ability to heal itself. As with a lot of the other films in this category (David against Goliat, hippies against capitalism, you get the point) it sometimes gets very black and white, but I do think it has a lot of good points... You can watch it here until the 8th of October!


Marita said...

jag såg den igår. helt otroligt. Man måste dricka sina grönsaksjuicer!!!!!


SiljeOhlaLA said...

jupp, ellers går det ille!!

Ingri:Dahl crew said...

Nordmann som har bodd i Madrid som nå bor i California, vi har sykt mye til felles. Hit us up på twitter :D