Gray, gray, gray. And a tsunami

Last night I laid awake for hours. Couldn't fall asleep. And there was this sound outside, like it was really windy, but the leaves outside our window weren't moving, so it couldn't be the wind. The more I thought the louder the sound got. And I realised it had to be the ocean. Yes, we live two minutes away so maybe I should've noticed this before, but I haven't. Anyway, in my head, the ocean was going to come swallow us all, I could even hear some people screaming if I concentrated enough. There were scenarios of a huge deadly wave, us running for the car and driving as far up as we could. In our pyjamas. I had to wake up P. "Hey. Hey. HEY!! Are you awake?" Stupid question that one, no one is ever awake before you actually ask it. He murmurs. "Can you hear that sound?" He claims it's distant traffic. What do you mean distant traffic, we live in what could be considered a little village. I make him get up and come look at the ocean from the window with me. I even open the front door to listen to the waves. I think I stand there for over ten minutes. The ocean has never been calmer. I go back to bed with earplugs. If there really is a tsunami, I think I'll have to react faster.

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