Ok, so I'll admit I probably knew about this place from reading about it in People or Star Magazine or something like that. "Gwyneth and Chris leaving Nobu after a pleasant evening with their good friends Madonna and Dalai Lama". But if it's good enough for Gwyneth... you know. Oh by the way you have to sign up for her newsletter goop, it's sometimes useful (if you're loaded), mostly just kind of entertaining. Anyway. We ooh'd and aah'd ourselves through salmon sashimi, a raw tuna salad, some tempura shrimp with aioli and lemon, a perfect ceviche, and this cod you see here which was de-li-ci-ous. I'm norwegian and have eaten a LOT of cod. I know good cod when I see it.


For dessert they had something exotic called Froyo on the menu. I was very curious about that. The waiter told me it was basically yoghurt with berries. I still didn't get it. When he came back I said, "I'll have the yoghurt. What did you call it again?" Leaning forward, very interested to hear about this japanese delicacy, probably pouting a bit. 
The guy is a bit perplexed. "Eh, it's froyo"
Me: "Follo?" (This is even funnier if you speak spanish)
Perplexed waiter: "No, fro-yo. Like, frozen yoghurt"
P was trying to sneak away under the table at this moment.
Well, I got my little froyo in the end.

This is how happy, full and fuzzy we looked when leaving.

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