Palm sugar, sugar

I just wanted to pop by and tell you a bit about palm sugar, or coconut sugar.
First of all, it's bloody delicious. It tastes like brown sugar, but better. Sort of caramelized.
Second of all, it has a GI of 35, which means it doesn't make your blood sugar go all hoolabalooza, whatever that means (sugar has a GI of around 70, honey around 60, and agave somewhere around 40).
And it's all natural, made from sap from the flowers of the coconut palm.

Here's a man climbing a palm tree to get us some sap:

And here he is on his way home, biking as fast as he can,
with the sap in little plastic cans:

...and somehow it ends up here:

... and I can use a ton of it on my buckwheat porridge on a Sunday afternoon, to the point where I get nauseous and promise myself I will never eat too much palm sugar again. Which we all know is a lie.
That was my weekend, how was yours?

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