What´s for dinner? Awesomeness

Aka scampi with cashewnut cream and pasta. Want to know how to make it? Of course you do. If you still read this blog that I´m neglecting even more than my evening prayers.

Chop up some garlic, chili, ginger and red pepper. And something resembling onion, but with a milder taste and a long green stalk that´s always full of mud when you buy it. It´s called purre in Norwegian and puerro in Spanish. I can´t seem to remember the English name at the moment. The cashew cream here to the left, sorry right, is simply made by throwing a bunch of cashews into a blender, squeezing a lemon in there, and adding water that almost covers the nuts. Blend. Add salt and pepper. Even idiots can do this. And measuring is for sissies. Boil spaghetti. Again, idiots can do this too. By this, I´m not saying you´re all idiots, I´m just trying to tell you it´s really really simple.

Here´s the scampi, and everything else. Besides the pasta and cashews, obviously. It´s in a wok. On a gas stove. You don´t need a gas stove to do this however, you can just do it on a normal stove. Ok. So I probably fried this for around two minutes (timing is for sissies), that´s enough. Otherwise you´ll get rubber scampi, not very tasty. Your pasta should be done by now. It really should. So mix everything together in a bowl, add some parsley and sea salt, and voila, this is what you get.

Bit of an anti-climax? You were expecting something a lot fancier-looking? Well, this is what you get. I´m not a food blogger. Now eat!


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