Christmas Grove

Wanted to look at a real American christmas tree. So we went to the Grove. Yep, this was basically the only reason we went there. And I´d heard it was supposed to be "a European style outdoor mall". Everything European gets my attention.
Does this look European enough?

Maybe it sort of does. People were actually eating bread in the "parisian style" café down there to the left. Bread! With wheat! White poison! Refreshingly European.

This was the christmas tree. It was too tall to take a picture of, so Pablo had to lie down on the ground to capture its entire glory. As you can see, it was definitely worth it. What was even better:

Santa´s house! We didn´t go there because we weren´t invited. I paid a visit to one of my best friends Zara instead. Hadn´t seen her in a long time. Tried on approximately 30 tops but didn´t buy any. I don´t know what is happening to me, but I didn´t want to buy something just for the sake of buying (!?) I know, it doesn´t make sense to me either. As we were leaving, there was a crowd gathering around a stage.

I could be bluffing, but that´s Katy Perry. See if you can find her! Because I can´t. I do however remember her being up there when I took the pic. Wearing a very pink, very tight dress. American christmas tree/Santa/superstar day complete! Now some Modern Family.

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