Quinoa salad

Sooooo much food left over from last night, enough to keep us going until we leave Friday morning... One of the things I made that I actually ate was this quinoa salad; pretty yummy if I can say so myself.

Just a mix of quinoa, orange, different kinds of lettuce, and some nuts, dried fruit and seeds (almonds, brazil and walnuts, apricot, dates and pumpkin seeds if I remember correctly). A squeeze of lemon, some good olive oil, salt and pepper and you´re good to go. A bit lighter than the typical christmas food!
Just got back from watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, good movie I have to say but what is UP with the fake swedish accent everybody but Daniel Craig has??? Is that really necessary? And Rooney Mara saying "hej hej" everytime she walks into a room.... I don´t know. It made me miss Sweden though, I´ll give you that. Maybe some "sillsalat" for dinner will help:)

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