Santa baby

This is me looking festive:

Because we were going to a festive party. What´s more festive than a sequined vest I thought, and took an instagram of myself in a semi-public bathroom. Wearing salmon colored jeans because salmon is christmas food in Norway. Pablo wore christmas tree lights.

The price for cutest bottle of vodka went to this little man, who was wearing a tiny sweater his grandma had knitted for him. Seriously. How awesome. Don´t you just feel like giving him a hug?

Andrea was hiding behind the dessert, but there was really no need to do that as both she (her?)  and her apartment looked spectacular.

These berries made me very happy. Even though the berries here seem to be ten times the size of Scandinavian pick-in-the-forest-berries. No problem though. Everything´s bigger here. Including my ass.
Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!

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