Semi-raw dinner


I can not believe how cold it is here right now... I´m sitting glued to the tiny little oven we have to heat us up. My feet are ice. But that´s not news I guess. Anyway, last night I made this SURPRISINGLY good dinner. Squash pasta with macadamia and tomato sauce. It took me two minutes to make. Just take a squash and a carrot and make "tagliatelle" with a potato peeler.

The macadamia sauce is just a handfull of macadamia nuts with lemon, sea salt, pepper and basil thrown into a blender. Since I wanted something warm, I heated up some tomato sauce and mixed it in there. Voila.

The warm tomato sauce kind of cooked the squash so it actually felt like I was eating real-life spaghetti. I am so amazed at this dish, really. You have to try it. Healthy, quick, GOOD. You´re welcome.

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