So, yes. Whole Foods. What can I say. I can’t be let loose in there all by myself. One word of wisdom though; the raw bars in front are HEAVEN. They only consist of the kiiiind ingredients you see here, they have like one tenth the calories of a chocolate bar and they taste ten times better, although they can’t really be compared to chocolate… They taste exactly like freshly picked raspberries, I swear. And the cutest thing is that a stay-at-home mom invented these little finger lickers. Cred. I’ll bring a suitcase full when, if ever, we come back.  In the meantime, check out their web.

Oh, and they actually sell them at iherb! Well, not these exact bars, but granola bars with chia, cinnamon and gojis. They’re real goody too. Aaaand now I'm hungry. I can't wait to get a bike so I can jump on it and pedal to WF whenever the cravings set in. Sweet.

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