Bohemian like you

Not quite true that, but one can dream… I did however buy something. How could I not, right?

One of the things I love about moving to a new place is getting a feel for the fashion, what styles people have and what they wear. The weather obviously has a lot to say, but so does culture and I guess also people’s perception of the culture. Here, in some places, you can’t get away from the fact that you live in the centre of celebrity craze, people want to be the skinniest, the tannest, the blondest, the white teeth-iest… you get the point. So some delusional people do stroll around looking like they just stepped out of a scene of Beverly Hills 90210 - the remake, all glossed and glittery. But what I love the most is the SoCal bohemian look, the beachy, flimsy, flamsy, cottony, wooly, braided and feathered look that Rachel Zoe made famous some years ago, with Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (doing a more “goth” version of it, but anyhoodles) among others.  A bit of an updated version of that. Think Kate Bosworth at Coachella clad in a macramé tank top, leather pants, beaten boots and a colorful hippie bag, and you’re there.

Key pieces are denim shorts, mile-high wedges or super flat flats, printed kaftans, soft leather bags, feathers, big antique silver earrings, long necklaces… and in my opinion the must-have is a big, soft, knitted wrap in earthy colors that you can just throw over anything. Perfect for hanging out at the beach watching the sunset; because it does get CHILLY here at night, don’t think it’s like in Madrid where you can glide around in a flowy paper-thin Ibiza dress all night long and be gleaming with sweat. So the whole supershort shorts, boots and a wrap kind of makes sense to me now. Point being, when I found this, it came home with me.

Next on the list : Mother jeans

Ooooo they look so COMFY and 70's-ish. They're described as "soft and cashmere-like". What else can you ask of your denim? The skinnies aren't bad either. The not-so-skinny skinnies. So tired of the jeggings. Please rest in peace.


marita said...

I have these and i live in them. they are the beeeeest.


SiljeOhlaLA said...

So would I...!