Sunday, Sunday

I bring thee the perfect late breakfast, especially tasty after a few glasses the night before. The only thing needed is garbanzo flour (that would be grounded garbanzo beans, kikerter for you Norwegian gliders out there) and water and some of that green stuff laying around in your fridge. Just mix equal parts of flour and water, throw in an egg if you’re feeling feisty, I did this morning  (if you make it without an egg it’s a bit trickier to cook, but perfectly do-able), and some veggies. I used leeks, red pepper and some basil leaves. Oh and a little slize of turkey breast made the whole thing a little more luxurious. You can also put some more substantial stuff in there, like cooked red lentils, mmmm. Add spices to your liking (I prefer salt, ground pepper, cumin and a bit of chili). Leave the mix for around 20 minutes before you fry it, so it gets all nice and thick.

Just cook it like you would a pancake or an omelet. Start with pretty high temp to give it a crisp, golden edge, then turn it down to medium/low and let it cook for a while until you can flip it without the whole thing falling apart. This might take some practice. The “pancake” is done when the insides are dry-ish.

Serve with some avocado and tomatoes or whatever rocks your socks, and squeeze a bit of lemon over it. Voila. A healthy, filling, delicious b-fast.

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