Last night

Baywatch competition, didn't understand much of it. People were running around in the sand, swimming a bit, wearing very tight and cute little swimming hats. I have no idea who won.

Went to have some beers downtown Hermosa, which turns out to be a crazy party scene; not quite the quiet little beach town we had imagined it to be after all. People were queuing up at the bars before ten, we felt like we had somehow been thrown into an episode of Jersey Shore, fighting our way through the beglittered and beheeled early 20-somethings and ravingly drunk 40 year-young men hunting them down. We ended up listening to a band playing surprisingly decent versions of Kings of Leon and Weezer, before downing a Patron and going home before midnight. Getting old, us? Nooooo.

Now, a walk down to the beach to catch some late rays!

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