The bikers

Bike-buying-Saturday! Found out about this place in Culver City and drove down there. Asked for a cheap, easy to ride, no-fancy-pants bike. Specifically underlined that I hadn't really been on a bike since the late nineties. Bought two of the same, one black, one red. Black for me, por supuesto. I'll pimp it with a mint- green basket though.

Taking them for a test ride... It literellally took us two minutes to decide. We're not fuzzy people.

We ended up having lunch in Venice, since we were already half there, and kind of realised that we should have listened to the kind people telling us that's where we want to live. Abbott Kinney is probably as close as you get to the Malasaña (our beloved neighborhood in Madrid) vibe here without being too far from the beach. Can't complain about our place when I look out the window and see the pacific thoooough. Maybe next year;)

P had the best burger he's had here so far, and I had Manuel's not-so-modest shrimp salad. Seriously, the portions here are gigantic. I eat way too much. Bikram yoga, here I come. After lunch I dragged my not so happy man around all the shops in a one mile radius, more about that later, there are some GREAT spots on that street. Ah. But the only thing I came home with was nailpolish, I'm being a good girl. Now, dinner!

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