Abbot Kinney

As promised, some shots from Venice. I got all excited, couldn't stand still and wanted to look at EVERYTHING.

In this little place called "The detox market" I went all shaky from looking at all the different kinds of tea, organic make up, chocolate (the superdark ones that I love), and, these perfect perfumes from Honoré des Prés;  all natural, no monkey business. The Love Coco one smells like... coconut. As well as some coriander, vanilla, and other yummy natural ingredients. Will without a doubt be my new fragrance. I also loved that so many of the shops, like this one, were old houses or lofts with reeeally high ceilings. All in all, just loved this place.
Ananda (something like "bliss" in sanskrit), a pretty well chosen name for a shop with all kinds of blissful little things, like bracelets made from recycled flipflops in Asia. And how cute is this story...
I even found more turquoise furniture... Could I please live in your store...? I promise to behave. Might have a cocktail party now and then, but we'll try to keep it down.
Don't remember the name of this one, but it had this great little patio hidden in the back. So many shops, so little time. P wanted to drive me home before my looking/touching/dreaming/wanting need was satisfied, but I'll sneak away some day and indulge myselft.

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