Ferramenta Utensileria

I met a guy who makes the most beautiful jewelry yesterday, he was temporary selling it off a little stand in Abbot Kinney. I really fell for it, especially some brass rings he made with a piece from one of those wood rulers we used to have in school (I'm getting old) fastened on to it.

He told me he was inspired by the color red right now, since a lot of the tools he uses had some elements of red on them. There were some awesome black necklaces and bracelets there with little spots of bright red. Check out this facebook page to see more pics of the pieces. Right now I'm really regretting not having bought anything...

And, speaking of jewelry, norwegian Camilla Pihl has a competition going on her blog, where you can win a beautiful bracelet from L.A based designer Jannik Olander and his brand Nialaya. Just click here and leave a comment to have a chance at it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Silje,

Thanks for dropping by our Show Booth in Venice. The pix came out great and we appreciate the blog...very cool. Come back anytime and take advantage of 50% Off Bloggers Special Pricing! :)

Ferramenta Utensileria Jewelry

SiljeOhlaL.A said...

Thanks for your FB mention! Will definitely bring cash next time I drop by...;)