Sooo, I spent my Monday in Manhattan Beach, like the vibe better over there, and it's just a brisk 20 min walk by the beach away. They have the cutest shops, all beachy and laidback. Knowing myself, I didn't bring my card.

Mixing flashy, vintage, sequined jackets with cotton summer dresses seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Tabula Rasa has shelves upon shelves with scented candles, frames, bodylotions, oils, soaps... all kinds of knicknacks. And it smells like heaven in here.

This is where I kidnapped my cardie last week.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, could possibly be one of the best shops I've walked into in years. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. When you enter, it pretty much looks and feels like a thrift shop, because everything is just thrown onto tables, piled on shelves or hidden away in some murky corner. So you kind of have to be willing to go treasure hunting, because it could easily take hours to look through all of the goodies. The prices don't necessarily reflact that though, I fell in love with a pair of $200 shorts... Still, they have a bunch of perfect tees, some knits, SUPER platforms, kaftans... and it's not all overly expensive. Oh, and I found the exact pair of sunglasses I bought in Bimba&Lola this spring for one fourth of the price. They wouldn't let me take pics, but check out their web. This is now shopping destination numero uno!

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