Lykke Li at the Greek

Like being at a festival! Hipsters, trees, beer, grass...

The pillar of any healthy diet.

At one point, I apparently decided to take a swim in the little plastic bottle of rosado. Quite refreshing.

One of the two warm-ups was Best Coast, pretty cool actually. The surfer dudes sitting next to us had come all the way from Australia to watch them (and to drive an old Cadillac across the US of A. And smoke some weed and drink bucketloads of wine). My ex Andreas would've totally fallen in love with this chick. You would, wouldn't you? Yeah, you would.

She looked like a little witch up there (a pretty damn hot witch, but anyways). People kept having little outbursts where they shouted "Lykkeeee!!!", which I think should happen more often in general (it means joy in "scandinavian"). Jooooyyyyy!


Solis said...

oooOOOooooooOOooooo....Eg skriv på godt, gammalt norsk. Håper det ikke skjemmer bloggen din. Men goshameg, dette så heeelt abfab ut. Må si du skriver imponerende bra, og tar hot ass pics. The next IT-blogorama-GIRL! Det var det jeg visste ü

SiljeOhlaLA said...

ÅÅÅÅÅååååå Solis, lyser alltid opp dagen!;)Gammal godt norsk kunne jeg godt tenkt meg å skrive på sjøl, men har så mye spanske fans, ehem.