My new love; biking by the beach. Today, up to ManBe (just made that up, I think. Sounds funny though. Like man-bitch. Will start using it) to get some more veggies from the farmers market, and spend some time drooling over a jacket I came across the other day in one of the shops.

Me, on a bike, looking unstable and very concentrated. A hazard to the bike path, using only one arm. And pouting a bit, as you do. Notice that I'm non-intentionally matching my Whole Foods bag.
The horrible view on my left. God, I love weekdays, there's no one at the beach!
Some farmers market-ing...
..and then back.
Oh look! Kelly Slater drinks coconuts too! Aaaah Slater in the nineties. Do you remember? The only valid reason to watch Baywatch. He might well be the one who sparked my obsession with surfers. And look at him, he's still hot. Must be all the coconuts.

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