On the streets of Venice

I was let loose to play all by myself in Venice today, as dangerous as that may be. Abbot Kinney was my playground!

This vintage shop is filled with Manolos, JPGaultier suits, Missoni tights and Dolce&Gabbana dresses. Cheap, it is not.

Stopped by Ferramenta Utensileria to have a chat again, he was kind enough to give me a good price on this rocking bracelet; I ran around trying to get money out, just to find out none of my cards were working. So I ended up giving him whatever cash I had in my pocket. Thanks Giovanni!

Takeout from Gjelina, some oily veggies and piñones. They've put out boxes (exactly like the ones we used to carry milk cartons with in school back in the days, remember those? The blue ones?) for people to sit on in the little alley next door, and I'm guessing it looks sort of strange to people passing by not knowing what the deal is. An italian family actually stopped to look at us for like five minutes, pointing, laughing and taking pictures. What a story to tell their friends back home, eh?! Che cosa!

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