I've realised, living in hermosa without a car, shopping is never a ten minute activity anymore, as it could be when I was living in the centre of Madrid and popped by H&M or Zara three times a day "just to browse" (ahem). Basically, I can't sneak-shop anymore (I'm sure all girls living with guys know what I'm talking about. And the other way around, if you're clever). Well, yeah, I can, but it takes more planning and cunningness. Also, I have to walk quite a bit, or bike or, in emergencies, take a cab to get to my objects of desire. All in all, this has turned out to be very positive for our economy, but rather sad for my wardrobe (by the way, I now have what could be called a walk-in-wardrobe! Small, but you can actually walk in it!) This obviously doesn't mean I've stopped wanting things, let's not be silly. Here are some of them:

Knitted sweater from Helmut Lang at Shopstyle
Nail polish in Dragon from Chanel
Belt from Motif 56 at Planet Blue

Ballerinas from Yosi Samra
Suede shopper, sheath skirt and smoking pants from Zara
A cheaper version of this, which is from Simone Camille
Cathrine boots from Bianco
Lipstick in bang bang from Ilia
Knitted sweater, H&M (I'd like to specify that the styling of this is horrendous, but the sweater is fab)

It's christmas soooooon, isn't it?


marita said...

den där gråa vill jag ha tack så mycket. det där stället i manhattan ser fatastisk ut oxå,


Silje said...

I know! Jeg var i din "hood" idag, og fikk med meg litt smått og godt hjem. kortet mitt er veldig glad for at jeg ikke bor v Abbot Kinney...