Sunset station

(Warning for many sunset pics, and more of me on a bike)
We took our bikes up to Manhattan last night, as the sun was setting and everything was drenched in this soft, warm light... amazing.

Somebody just got married! This is definitely the way to do it... Javi&Ana! The playa in Altea...?

We stopped for a bit to watch the last slice of sun disappear in the Pacific. When I watch the sun go down here, I always imagine it rises in Norway... Which is probably not true. Or could it be? What time does the sun rise over there now?

Pit stop for a glass of tinto, which ended up with dinner, at Mangiamo.

Passed the beach-wedding on the way back


Constance said...

Very cool blog!!! Isn't LA fantastic?? I love it soo much!!


SiljeOhlaLA said...

Thank you! LA is fantastic indeed, it can be anything you want it to be...