The banana stand!

...not quite, but a fruit stand nevertheless. I love buying fruit and veggies from the side of a dusty road, and there are plenty of oportunities to do so here. And now I have enough guacamole to last until christmas, at least!


Stylishlyme said...

I love stopping and getting fruit at these types of stands they always taste the best. Love that they are all over, well I see them all over the Central Valley - Ag center for California.


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Amber said...

Awww, yum!! I love buying fresh, local produce <3

SiljeOhlaLA said...

It doesn't get any better!

Agora tô pronta said...

Hi, I love your blog.
The last one in mine, if you like we can follow each other.

SiljeOhlaLA said...

Thanks, I'll check it out