Do you have a wok?

We do. Tonight we threw in some scampi, veggies and a bit of rice. I wanted to make sushi, but the guy behind the fish counter or whatever you call it in the super wasn't very trustworthy.
-Do you have anything I could use for sushi?
-Eeeeeeee. I dunno. (He thinks. For a long time) Maybe this salmon.
-Has it been frozen?
-Yeeeeah. It usually has.
-So I could eat it raw.
-Eeeeeeeee. I don't know about that. I think it's fresh.
-But you're sure it has been frozen.
-Naaaaaah. It usually has.
-Ok, I'm just gonna get this scampi for now.

P's working the chopsticks. We downed a bottle of cava, discussed healthcare, anti-depressants and diabetes, and then I beat him in a game of escoba while we listened to David Guetta. Just a normal Friday evening.


some kind of wonderful said...

Mmm.. Det där ser gott ut!!! Älskar wokat och det är ju så smidigt med..

Fin Lördag!

Kram : )

SiljeOhlaLA said...

ja visst er det supert:) ha en finfin lørdag du også! Eller, din er vel snart over allerede, ha en fin lørdagskveld!