Fashion for all!

This is the problem with the h&m that just opened in South Bay. It wants to be a store where eeeeveryone can find something. So they've filled the shop with basics. Suit jackets, straight jeans, cotton v-neck tees, faux leather handbags, polyester shirts. And then they've thrown in some old leopard miniskirts and bright orange furs they found in the back of the divided storage room somewhere in Sweden, and that's supposed to be their trend-alibi. You should have seen my sad little face in there.


Go to Anthropologie instead. I found a pair of pants, a scarf, a lamp and a shirt. And these:

Now we're off to a tailgate! All I can say is that I'm scared and wearing cardinal nailpolish to show my support for the USC football team.

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polliani said...

ahhh I am feeling you