Fight on!

A tailgate is basically a pre-party to an american football game. It's called tailgating because they originally took place next to a tailgate which is, and I'm quoting, "A hinged board or closure at the rear of a vehicle, such as a pick-up truck, that can be lowered during loading and unloading".  Some still barbeque on their trucks I guess. People get really drunk on campus, and then some of them go to watch the game. Some don't, they just continue drinking. Everybody's wearing the team's colors, in this case, red and yellow, or should I say cardinal and gold. Entertaining!

I like my palm trees like my celebrities; super skinny with a wobbly big head.
Look, look at all the football fans wearing red and yellow
Corinne&Pablo working on their flip-cup skills, still not sure which way the cup should be flipped. Flipo!

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