Dinner on the strand

Finally made it to the Strand House for dinner last night, it was a hectic Saturday night for them, but we got a nice little table outside, right under the warming lamps (or the pig lamps as I like to call them), and with a view of the dining room. I sneak-photo'd some of the guests so you can have a look at the fancy deco. You can't tell, but that's the ocean hiding out there in the darkness.

We had a reeeally good starter with rabbit and gnocchi and surprisingly good peas. Yes, peas.
The meat melted on our tongues as they say. And the peas popped. If saying that is allowed.
Then some beans with feta, an insanely tasty salmon with shiitake and sesame seeds, and the pizza we'd been dying to try, which was good but not worth dying for.
Being responsible people, we biked home after some vino. Maybe not that responsible, on bikes with no lights. Our shades were cool either way.


marita said...

it looke really nice. have to try!!!

SiljeOhlaLA said...

definitely worth a try!