The Emmys red carpet

(With half an eye on the TV and the sound off)
16.15 Oooh Hugh Laurie looking superb in a tux. His haircut is a bit weird though. All spiky.
16.16 Steve Buscemi will always freak me out.
16.18 Who is miss Betty White?
16.23 What the fuck is Alan Cumming wearing? Red plastic pants?
16.25 Matt LeBlanc looking all dapper and grey haired? I had missed that.
16.28 It must be hard holding a clutch while waving your hands around and being only 13 years old. Whoever you are.
16.32 JON HAMM!!! JON HAMM! JON HAMM!! His wife looks shy and has very awkward body language but is quite pretty in a canary yellow dress. I guess I'd be awkward too if I were married to the hottest man alive. Sorry what am I saying, I am.
16.36 Jimmy Kimmel was having a burger at the Rockefeller the other day, right up our street. Just saying.
16.41 Sofia Vergara is fit and she knows it
16.42 And Rob Lowe is too fit to be ... how old is he? 50? Still. Too fit. He's holding his wife's hand, which is holding their son's hand, which is holding his brothers hand. They're like a human chain. Weird.
16.43 Hello there Kate Winslet, nice dress and good hair. Well done. And I can tell that you speak British even with the sound off. Could I be you for a day?
16.49 I honestly don't know if I'm looking at Michael J Fox or the guy from Little Miss Sunshine

God, the intro to the awards is horrible.
Peggy Olson from Mad Men: Does that mean I don't have to sleep with men anymore to get to the top?
Host Jane Lynch: Nah, you still have to do that
Favourite part; JON HAMM doing the fingerpistol.

And so far, Modern Family has won every single price.
"Welcome back to the Modern Family awards!"


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