throwing together a dinner

I just got some serious pasta cravings I had to attend to. Improvised dinner! And, for a change, you don't need vegetables grown by the foot of the Himalayas by an ancient old medicine man or ayurvedan unpronouncable spices to make this, I promise.

Plain old pasta and olive oil (Well. Wholegrain and extra virgin. Obviously).
Some kind of pesto made without a mixer. I used my raw muscle power to sort of mash together pine nuts (come on, everybody has some pine nuts in their cupboards nowadays), basil leaves, garlic and oil. And a pinch of salt. As you can see I don't have that much strength, since all the pine nuts are still intact. Unimportant. While I was making this, I had a pan going with a handfull of chopped cherry tomatoes, a bit of onion, half a green squash and half a yellow squash. Just heated it in a little oil until the veggies got soft-ish. I also painted my nails somethime during the whole cooking process, because I'm such a multi-tasker!
Goat cheese! Ready-crumbled! (you're right,  I don't like that, but I couldn't find the real deal at the super)
Some boiled pasta, the veggies and "pesto" mixed in, a bit of goat cheese on top, and pasta cravings solved. So easy even Chester can do it, as they say in Spain. Tihi.


Melania said...

I love pasta and pizza but i can't eat them every day otherwise I become a whale!!!
I want to say you "Brava" because the recipe's pesto is right but in the pesto there want a bit of parmigiano o pecorino (I love parmigiano).Ok??:)


P.S.today I cook "melanzane alla parmigiana" gnam gnam...

SiljeOhlaLA said...

I don't eat cheese/milk, that's why I left it out;)but if I make pesto for others I always use parmigiano!
oooh that sounds good, don't know how to make that yet...
buon apetito!

marita said...

Mmmmmmm yum. one more day. and then a few day with veggies and fish and theeeeen im gpnna try this pasta fo show.



SiljeOhlaLA said...

I know the feeling...As I posted here a couple of weeks ago; a salad never tasted that good;)
Hold ut!