we need more coconuts, honey!

If you're sitting up there in the north of Europe, thinking "damn, autumn is here again, it's rainy and windy and chilly and I'm feeling bluuuue", and you want to feel like this:

...chin up, I have a suggestion for you!
(stolen from the guys at servedraw.com)

Throw together the following in a shaker:
2 parts White rum
1/2 part Honey
1/2 part Coconut water
1/2 part Lemon juice

Shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture and pour in a fancy glass or, even better, a coconut. Decorate with a strawberry, lots of those little paper umbrellas we all loved so much when we were kids, and a pink straw. Drink plenty of these and pretend you're on a beach while listening to this.

Pix spell and the gypsy, tripadvisor, surfwellfleet and me

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angelieeee said...

awwww! you always bring me back memories of my trips...
lovely photos.!♥
xxxo from Argentina

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