Vintage schmintage

You know Stars? The antique shop I've been nagging about? I dropped by looking for a chair today, and came out with this 80's neiman marcus dress with huge-ass shoulderpads that I had to remove. 20 bucks! I need to have it fitted, but still. 20 bucks!

I just have to comment on my eyelashes here? Have they been growing? Carlos, is it your mascaras? Those of you who know me, know I'm not blessed in the eyelash department, to put it that way. Maybe it's all the kitchari. Heh.

I'm getting Roland Mouret/Victoria Beckham vibes. And the color is a lot better and more popping than I can capture in the pics. Being 100% wool I can't see myself wearing it in the near future... but did I mention it was just 20 bucks?!


Melania said...

Beautiful dress!!!
The colour is fabulous...
Ciao, Mel.

Siv Marte said...

Oooh! Loved it! Nice lashes too :D

SiljeOhlaLA said...

Thanks Mel!