Coconut oil as conditioner

I know, I'm addicted to coconuts. As we speak, I'm eating an amazingly good mix of basically everything you can squeeze out of a coconut, plus some cocoa powder. And it tastes like chocolate. More about that another time.

If you want thick, shiny, lustrous, awesomely smelling hair you should also crack open a coconut. I've started using virgin coco oil instead of conditioner, mostly because I couldn't find an affordable, non-toxic, good alternative. I use the oil the same way I would use a "normal" conditioner; after shampooing, I take a grape-sized piece of the oil (it's usually solid, in my experience it melts if the room temperature is somewhere around 25-30 degrees), warm it in my hands, and massage it into the hair. Leave it there for as long as you can, it's even great to use as a mask, or for a real treat leave it in over night. It does take some extra time to rinse, but we're talking minutes here, so it's no big deal. The hair does NOT become greasy as many people seem to think; the oil leaves it feeling really silky and smooth. Try! Maybe you'll end up getting hair like this:



chanel said...

I'm beginning to think that coconut oil is the key to all things good! It's simply amazing!

xo chanel

SiljeOhlaLA said...

it is!!!!