California dreamin´ on such a winters day... Yeah right. Because here it´s all hunky dory, rolling on the beach, surfing in the waves. Not so. It´s COLD. Under 40 Fahrenheit! I still don´t know what that means, but it does mean wrapping up in a huge scarf, a hoodie, etc etc to go for that horrible morning beach walk (sorry, I grew up in the 90s and am a victim of irony).
My nostrils don´t seem to like it either, since they´re out of sync. How FUN taking instagrams of yourself and discovering new flaws every day. Who needs a job.

Update: 40 fahrenheit is 4 degrees?!!!??? I´m moving to Mexico.


Chassi said...

Hei, fine du! Kan du oversette 40 fahrenheit? Jeg er sikker på at det er kaldere i Stavanger, men jeg vil bare sjekke. ;)

Ha en nydelig dag i LA! Puss på deg.

SiljeOhlaLA said...

Ja de mener det er 4 grader??!!! Men det virker da helt paa styr... Dette var paa morgenen da vel og merke. Er ikke sikkert det er saa mye kaldere i stavanger... Idag er det 65, 18 altsa. Da trives jeg litt bedre:) Puss paa dej med!